Psychological Barriers Of Inclusive Interaction


  • Yelena Slusareva Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute, Russia



interaction, inclusive interaction, psycho-cognitive, emotional, communicative barriers


The “inclusive” populations contain a great difference in sensory, cognitive and physical user capabilities, particularly when non-age-related impairments are taken into account. While this population is growing, the most productive research and strategy sector is unavoidably shrinking in part to that growth.

The article presents an analysis of the psychological barriers that arise in the process of inclusive interaction. The mechanisms of barriers’ genesis are substantiated: objective barriers determined by the presence of health limitations (biosensory disturbances) and subjective ones caused by the intrapersonal characteristics of the partners in the interaction.

Author Biography

Yelena Slusareva, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute, Russia

PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor

Chair of Special and Clinical Psychology, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute, Russia

University lecturer


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