The Use Of Standardized Assessment Tests In The Process Of Speech Therapy Intervention


  • Anna Malkhasyan Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University



Speech Assessment, Speech Therapy, Standardized Tests, International Classification of Function, children with speech disorders


To study and comment the importance of speech research process in the speech therapeutic correctional process, to discover how the objectivity of speech evaluation process is providing in Republic of Armenia. The process of studying, discovering and commenting the objectivity and the importance of speech research in Republic of Armenia will help to organize the first research stage of correcting and developing the speech. The experience shows, that the level of efficiency of speech correctional developing work generally depends on objectivity of research stage, the speech evaluation, and the reliability of data obtained.

The methodology of the research of gathering information, processing and analyzing is based on quantitative method approach, which allows to combine quantitative data collection by using quantitative method, subsequently, having opportunity to make data based conclusions, based on digital patterns. The special developed test was used for speech therapists and for the relating field specialists (psychologists, special educators, art therapists, and etc.).

The research has shown, that speech therapists and other specialists of the relating fields of Republic of Armenia attach importance of speech assessment process; the majority of respondents have his/her own speech evaluation tools, methods, and resources, however, none of them uses standardized test in order to highlight the features of speech, and, unfortunately, they state that their evaluation is not objective, but subjective and it may be questioned by other specialists and parents. However, it should also be stated that respondents unanimously noted, that there was a need of having speech assessment standardized tests, which would be relevant to the native language and as a result of test application objective results will be known.

Author Biography

Anna Malkhasyan, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University

Chair of Speech and Rehabilitative Therapy, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University Applicant, researcher

Speech therapist in “Madatyan Psychological Center


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